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charlieCharlie here, founder of Micro Niche Apps.

If you make it through this entire “About Me” page you’ll soon realize I don’t have much experience with web development or writing about myself for that matter. I did, however, realize that everyone else pitching a product on the internet has an about page that goes something like this: brag about fancy cars, huge houses, and dream destinations, then sell you something to get that lifestyle. That’s just not me, and you won’t get that with this site. If you want the truth, which I hate to tell you, is a lot of work, then you got the right site.

For over seven years now, I have been trading Forex full time (sounds way cooler than it really is) and just recently I started to explore other avenues of income. Trust me, with seven years and tens of thousands of dollars lost, I know as well as anyone, do not have all your eggs in one basket.

You likely came to this site because you’re searching out a way to generate passive income, or maybe even a new source of income altogether. Rather than tell you about how much of a genius I am, mostly because I am not, let me cut to the chase.

Initially I thought I would join the thousands of other travel bloggers (I travel the world full-time and recently moved to Thailand) who built niche websites to help support their lifestyle. What I soon realized was that the niche websites were a lot more time consuming than I originally thought, and mostly involved incredibly boring topics. I am by no means a programmer, and very amateur when it comes to using WordPress. This didn’t stop me, and shouldn’t stop you. Outsourcing is our best friend.

I outsourced my first app in early 2013 for about $2,000. I hired a Russian programmer that I obtained via oDesk. Little did I know, this process of outsourcing an app is a lot more involved than I had imagined (go figure). Not to mention, language barriers can be quite a pain in the ass. My first app was almost considered a failure, and at $2,000, this was quite hard to swallow. The first month had a decent start but slowly simmered down once the honeymoon phase was over.


For almost a year I let the app just flounder around in the app store, a few downloads here and there, and even fewer in-app purchases to generate revenue. That was until I made one tweak that is seemingly obvious now in hindsight. Downloads jumped 1000% as did in-app purchases. Look at the graph to see the scale of growth.


Obviously with more downloads, more chance for revenue which was also the case.


Now all the sudden I perked up to the app game. I figured if I had figured out how to SEO the app store, the sky was the limit. Turns out, there is more to it than SEO in the app store. Don’t get me wrong, it helps, but there is much more to a formula of app success than that. Since that one tweak I made, I have launched an additional 10 apps (many more in the pipeline) using the same approach, and it has proven to work, and work well. All are well on their way to becoming passive income generating assets.

Lately I’ve been focusing heavily on the Google Android platform as I strongly believe the market is even more wide open and less saturated. Although ranking apps requires a slightly different strategy, the fundamentals are the same. A few of our first few Android apps were duds but we’ve been able to crack the code for a few of our apps that are consistent daily earners like the one below.


I have since built the Micro Niche Apps website as a resource to help others streamline the process. What is a Micro Niche App you ask? My strategy is to create niche apps for under $500 that help solve a specific problem. The goal is to break even within 90 days or even sooner. My goal here is not to milk one app for all its worth but to have an entire portfolio of dozens of simple apps that each generate at least $10 per day. When you have a bunch it definitely adds up.

I am by no means a millionaire from this, but I do manage to travel the world full-time, and my success with apps has allowed me to do that. This is in no way a shortcut to success and all of your apps will not be a success. This is, however, a resource that I have put a lot of time into to help others learn from my mistakes in their pursuits of passive income via the app market. Feel free to subscribe to get the latest scoop on my projects and app tips.



  1. Hiten says

    Hi Charlie,

    Great website & interesting articles! Happy for your success!

    I’m considering starting my own app business and was wondering, how do you outline your app idea to your developers? Using drawings, online software, written breakdown?

    I’m currently searching for developers on various websites, but cost is a major factor for me.

    What advice would you have for someone like me starting out?



    • Charlie says

      Hey Hiten,

      Nothing special. Initially we mocked up everything in Photoshop as you can see in our latest article. It required lots of templates and acquiring the resources such as icons. With our latest developer, we tell them the idea and they run with it. They have great pride in what they do so we let them run free and provide feedback.

      My best bet would be to get your feet wet and make a micro niche app for under $250 (it’s possible) to learn the ropes and slowly build out your empire from there.


  2. says

    Interesting story, since not many people revealed the strategy regarding app market strategy, yet. Compared to website optimization where you can almost every inch on the web.

    Curious to get more updates, subscribed.

    I visited “tools” page but was empty but “coming soon”.

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