How to Come Up With Cool App Ideas That People Want

I think entrepreneurs, including app developers, often complicate the first step which is trying to think of a mobile app idea. There’s nothing wrong with trying to think big or to aim for the stars but the truth is that those ‘big’ ideas usually come with more complicated processes and increased costs. I’m sure all of us want to be the next Angry Birds or perhaps the next Instagram but you don’t need to go down that path to make a healthy living off of apps.

The scope of this site has always been to make cool yet simple mobile apps that offer solutions to the problems of the common smartphone user. The purpose of this post is to expose a few innovative ways to discover cool mobile app ideas that people are actually looking for but either can’t find or don’t know exist.

These are simple tricks that might not lead to your first mobile app but will at least get the gears spinning and teach you a little out of the box thinking.

The main idea here is to identify people who have complaints, wants, or needs in the context of apps.  Even more important is how people express these issues in the form of writing, which is usually expressed the way as if they were speaking out loud. Here are some phrases to help you get started:

    “is there an app”"i wish there was an app”"i would pay”"make an app”"does anyone know an app”

You get where I’m going with this?

The trick here is to go to Twitter’s Advanced Search and see what people are talking about. Twitter is great because its sole purpose is to be a social platform and the user base all have smartphones.

Twitter’s Advanced Search does allow for several options that don’t necessarily complicate things but rather help us laser focus in on actual mobile app ideas.

Taking one of the examples above, I typed in “i would pay” in the exact phrase field. Since there’s a million ways of saying “i would pay for an app”, I put “app” in the all of these words field since it would guarantee that app is included in the result. Lastly, I do not want any “rt” to show up because those will just bring retweets which is nothing more than clutter.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 1.12.33 AM

Here are the results that came up. Do you see any cool mobile app ideas? I know I see a good one :)

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 1.16.10 AM

Although there’s literally hundreds of these that are returned, I found an idea within the top 10. This is what stood out to me…

app ideaEven at the most dim setting, phones can be too bright in certain situations. I know I’ve personally had this issue before. This idea is good because it solves a problem and if it bothers one person, you can sure as hell bet that dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people have the same issue.

Although this person is looking for an iOS app, this idea might not be possible because of Apple’s restrictions. Google is much more lenient with apps and the source code so this idea would possibly work on Android.

A quick search on Google Play Store with the query “screen brightness” or “screen dimmer” returned a fair number of apps that promised to go dimmer than allowed without requiring to root (hack) the phone. In fact, one app had over 1 million downloads.


Hopefully this makes the brain storming process a little bit easier! Here’s an embedded live realtime Twitter feed of my query.