How to Make a Tinder Auto Liker With Tasker

By now you’ve probably heard about the ‘dating’ app called Tinder. It’s a very popular app that shows other users within a small radius of your location and allows you to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ the other person. If both of you ‘like’ each other then Tinder considers that a match and allows you to exchange text communication.

It’s an amazingly simple concept that reminds us back of the “hot or not” days. The idea must be working as it has seen tremendous growth as seen below.

The problem with Tinder is that it’s quite a bit of work to sit there and swipe left or right to filter out the ones that don’t fit your type.

Now imagine if there was a way where you could automatically ‘like’ all the people available on Tinder without having to lift a finger. By doing this, yes you’ll like a ton of people not your type but the flipside is that you’ll automatically be matched to people that have expressed interest in you. From there you can either filter out the ones that aren’t compatible or engage in conversations with the ones that are.

Essentially you’ll automate the entire process of meeting people. The rest is up to your game on closing the deal.

With a little outside the box thinking, we were able to make such a script although there are a few caveats.

The first is that your device must be rooted for this to work. Rooting basically allows admin access that would otherwise be restricted. The process to root your device is not entirely that difficult and can be done in the matter of 15 minutes. A quick Google and Youtube search will give you many tutorials on how to do that.

Once you are rooted, you will need to download/buy an app called Tasker. Tasker basically allows you do set up custom actions that are based on scripts. It’s a bit confusing to use at first but can be learned after some trial and error. Even though it may cost money, it is certainly worth the cost to automate a lot of your day to day activities. Somethings you can program to use with Tasker would be…

  • Automate Tinder liking :)
  • Put your phone on silent when you reach a certain GPS location like work
  • Launch multiple apps simultaneously like Pandora and a running tracker app
  • Put your phone on silent during specific hours

Those are just simple commands and barely scratching the surface. A few forums and sites compile different scripts for you to try.

Here’s how to create the Tinder auto liker bot:

Tinder forces you to either swipe left or right or click ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ on the screen to show your interest. The goal here is to mimic that tap/gesture through Tasker. After your device is rooted, you will need to find the X/Y coordinates of where the the ‘like’ button is within the app. I’d assume that all devices have different X/Y coordinates so to find that out, you will need to enable ‘Show Pointer Location’ in the settings which can be found under Developer Options under the settings. Once you figure out the X/Y coordinates please write it down. For more information on how to do that please refer to this site. In our case, the Nexus 7 coordinates were 650/1650.

Once you have that information, you will then need to create a Profile and Task within Tasker.

First you can create a Task with three main actions:

  • Mimic tap gesture

New Action -> Script – Run Shell -> type ‘input tap X Y’ under command. Replace X Y with the coordinates from above. Ensure ‘Use Root” is checked as well.

  • Wait 1 millisecond

New Action-> Task -> Wait -> set to 1 MS

  • Repeat

New Action -> Task -> Goto -> Type set to Action Number. Number set to ’1′. Set If to %PACTIVE DOESN’T MATCH Tinder (name of profile we’ll do next)

See below as to how my actions are set up. Don’t mind all the Tinder matches :)

tinderNow create a new Profile and select Application from the menu and obviously select Tinder as the application. Once that is done you’ll have to match it with a Task and you can just select the Task you just created previously.

You have officially created a script that will auto like all the Tinder matches for you. The only downside is that you’ll have to disable it in Tasker when you want it to stop.

Here’s how it looks in action!

Have fun!